Competition rules

The objective of the European Balloon Festival is to offer a ballooning event where all kind of pilots enjoy flying on it and at the same time with maximum participation of the public.

We would like to offer a variety of tasks at the same time competitive, funny and spectacular for the public and also for more motivated pilots and crews, not forgetting avoiding the possibility of relaxed flights for those pilots who just want to fly for fun. We have elaborated these few internal rules with the descriptions of the tasks, the scoring system and the different scoring for all the tasks.


General Scoring


We’ll establish a general scoring during the event with the application of the actual AXMERG05 rules, just with some little modifications because we are not going to use GPS loggers and we are just going to use simple tasks as: judge declared goal or hare, and also in a limited measuring area.


We will determinate  1º, 2º and 3º position in the general scoring.


In addition, the best pilot of each Hare task or the best judge declared goal of each flight will win a “EBF star” as a symbolic prize. At the end of the event, if you can get 5 EBF Stars togheter you’ll get a prize of 600 €. You can get these from the same pilot or  join several ones to get the prize. EBF Stars are also  valid from past, present or next edition of the European Balloon Festival.